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Syprium SPORT

A specific support activity for top-level athletes or their supervision, at three key moments for the athletes:

  At the start of a career (start-up)

  During the full performance phase (peak)

  At the time of conversion

The mind counts for more than 50% in the performance

athletic. TO  the time when the level of most disciplines 

increases, specific work on the component

mental is a real performance lever for athletes.  


Accompanying Mental preparation is done

individually or as part of a collective. 

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Our services

You are a federation

or a club


Individual support 

or collective for

• Coaches

• Technical staff

• Athletes 

You are a sponsor


Individual support 

or collective for your

• Athletes 

You are a high level athlete


Individual support in phase  

  • Young(mental preparation)

  • Pro (mental preparation)

  • Reconversion (professional coaching)

Currently on our channel  Youtube
3 interviews with top athletes  level  on mental preparation
  • YouTube
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