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Coach, trainer and speaker, Stéphane Fassetta dedicates his expertise to the development of potential in business and in high-level sport.

 - he is also a teacher of Aikido since 1999 - 4th Dan State certificate, of which he transmits the practice and the humanist values.

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Stéphane Fassetta started his professional experience as an instructing officer
at the Naval School, before joining ENSTA (National School of Advanced Techniques) as a research and lecturer. In 2000, he joined the THALES industrial group for missions in France and abroad, passing successively through the positions of R&D engineer, system engineering manager / internal trainer and international project manager.

At the same time, his strong experience in the field of high-level sport as a mental trainer and professional coach, allows him to build bridges between the company and the world of sport.

In 2013, at THALES, he took on educational responsibility for training in project management, then those concerning Management / Leadership / Quality of life at work (QVT) and prevention of psychosocial risks (RPS), as Learning Manager, referent QVT / RPS and internal coach.

Some certifications:

  TOP Practitioner in Potential Optimization Techniques (DU & Coevolution)

  Mental trainer (Sup De Coach Sport, Paris)
  Professional coach (Linkup Coaching, Paris)
  Trainer trainer (Thales Learning Hub)

  Aikido teacher 4th dan, BE / DEJEPS (examination jury)

  Doctor of Science (ENSTA, Paris XI), etc ...


Les partenaires Syprium : 
des experts de leurs domaines

  Professional coaches / trainers in large groups
  Mental trainers in high performance sport
  French Army fighter pilots
  Elite corps negotiators and interveners

These experts bring you their feedback and operational tools that they use on a daily basis to successfully carry out their demanding profession.


Syprium allows you to capitalize on the direct transfer of these skills to the lifeblood of your company.


Each client is unique, so we build tailor-made systems with you to meet your specific objectives.

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