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Manage your energy like a pro

Release of the book "Our 8 energy profiles" at InterEditions - DUNOD

In this book, the author shares the practical ways he has developed to stay successful and healthy over time. With its unique approach to energy intelligence, based on SEKI method (Stress Energy Key Indicator), it allows each person to discover what their energy is made up of: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the one that gives meaning to our actions and makes us more enduring, to discern at what level it is locates for each of the 4 dimensions and find the appropriate answers to its energy profile. The author has built and tested his method of energy management in the areas of business and high performance sport. The improvements observed are at the organizational level personal (time and priorities), stress and emotional management, behavioral (posture and relational availability), or energy recovery. SUMMARY : PART I - The 8 energy profiles The 4 dimensions of human energy Discover your energy profile The 8 fundamental profiles PART II - Strategies adapted to each profile Strengthen your physical energy Strengthen your emotional energy Strengthen your mental energy Strengthen your spiritual energy (sense) PART III - Strategies for support professionals Support in business Support in the sports field Support in the medical or paramedical field Find out more: visit our website dedicated to energy: SEKI8

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