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The keys to mental preparation

SYPRIUM SPORT is launching a YouTube channel dedicated to mental preparation in high performance sport. On the program, sharing experiences with athletes and bringing Syprium's expertise.

We are pleased to initiate, with the sports branch of SYPRIUM, a series of meetings and experience sharing with high level athletes, on the subject of the so important of mental preparation.

The mental preparation of athletes is a very important part of sports performance, in addition to preparations

- Physical - Technical - Tactical

The first 2 disciplines in the spotlight are the

- Alpine skiing, with Maxence Muzaton, member of the French ski team - The Ultra-Trail, with Xavier Thévenard, French ultra-trailer, three times winner of the UTMB

Business contribution

The mental preparation techniques are immediately transposable to the business world, subject to the same injunctions:

- Performance - Endurance on long projects - Complexity management - Managing stress and emotions - Decision making - See you soon on our channel!

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