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The usefulness of immersive teaching methods

We all know that it is by experimenting that we face the difficulty of any given task or situation. Indeed, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, because it is not involving, too far removed from reality, with its context, its emotional impact, and its unforeseen events…. Immersive learning methods, or "immersive learning", allow the participant to be immersed in a universe - Closest to his professional situations - Which simulates scenarios that are difficult to reproduce in everyday life - Who challenges (knowing yourself, your limits, your strengths and areas for improvement) And thus develop or complete a base of professional skills, of which here are a few examples: Complexity management / Decision making Management / Collaboration / Leadership · Conflict management Management of stress and emotions These modalities, associated with other more traditional pedagogical modalities, make it possible to accelerate learning, and to reveal human behavior. Let us mention two unique experiences AIKIDO EXPERIENCE:

Access the closed world of traditional Japanese martial arts, experiencing the greatest principles of this art. The transposition to the corporate world is tailor-made for each workshop, and makes it possible to address, in particular, the themes of leadership, management, team cohesion, management of emotions and stress.


Experience the sensations and solve the cognitive challenges which are the daily life of fighter pilots in the French army. This experience is possible thanks to flight simulators integrating virtual reality headsets, and support for human factors (mental preparation). This immersive experience makes it possible to address, in particular, the themes of self-control, decision-making in complex situations, management of emotions and stress.

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