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Why train in times of crisis?

The health, social and economic crisis we are experiencing today following the covid-19 epidemic follows a sudden, unforeseen, and unanticipated phenomenon that caught everyone by surprise. In addition to the negative consequences that everyone knows, the crisis is also an opportunity to carry out an introspection, at the individual level (employees or company directors, self-employed, ...) and at the collective level (companies, communities, associations, companies ). It raises the question of the meaning and the skills to be reinforced or developed in order to project oneself into the near or more distant future. Professional training is one of the proactive responses to be activated as soon as possible, in order to capitalize on this particular time that we know, conducive to change, to the transformation of individuals and companies. The multi-modal educational arsenal available to some training organizations today makes it possible to provide an appropriate response, both in terms of themes, durations, modes of intervention (blended or 100% remote), as well as the profiles of the participants. Training is a real opportunity to invest your resources rather than a short-term financial adjustment variable.


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