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Mental preparation in business

An individual and collective performance tool

Today's business world has its share of demands, which demand a significant portion of individuals' cognitive abilities. Like high performance sport, where the mental component accounts for ~ 50% of sports performance (associated with the physical, technical and tactical components), what is the share of cognitive abilities in the business world? The answer is simple, well above 50%, in most tertiary trades. The cognitive component is also impacted by nutrition, physical activity (or a sedentary lifestyle) or sleep. Skills - Here is a non-exhaustive list of skills developed in high-level sport: - Choose the right goal (to achieve it!) - Know your limits (to surpass yourself) - Manage stress and emotions under pressure - To play collectively - Be efficient (manage your energy) - Manage defeat (failure) ·… Many high-level sport tools and techniques can be directly transposed to the business world. In addition to business skills, there is better knowledge and self-control, and the development of "soft skills", so important in social interactions. Interventions on mental preparation can be done at the level of the individual or at the level of a group (natural team for example).

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