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Working in an uncertain world, the impact of COVID-19

The world has always been uncertain, although the apparent control of a number of factors has long led us to believe otherwise. The crisis we are currently going through thanks to the COVID-19 virus affects all spheres: health, social, economic, environmental. In just a few months, it swept away the certainties that we could have, in the professional world for example. In particular, it forced individuals to ask themselves questions about - the meaning of their work - their personal and professional life balance - their place of life and work

What lessons can be learned from this crisis?

- The need to accept that everything does not depend on us (thank you Epictete) - The need to accelerate our adaptation capacities - The need for continuous training - The opportunity to ask fundamental questions about the meaning of our life (private and professional) What state of mind to adopt? Quite simply, integrate the notion of the impermanence of things, and remove from your mind the fears and brakes that block our development and our ability to innovate in our fields of expertise. It is an opportunity to rethink things in a new way, with the spirit of the beginner (reference to the world of martial arts) ...

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